Lake Bunyonyi is found in Kabale district in southwestern Uganda and the lake is known as the second deepest lake if not the biggest lake on the African continents.  The lake is near the Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park and it is also near the border with Rwanda Katuna and this is the ideal destination for the visitors also who would like to explore the Rwanda’s volcanoes national park. A lot of activities can be seen on Lake Bunyonyi including the several islands more than 25 islands including the famous punishment island and the lake also harbors several species of the birds facilitating the bird watching activities.

There are a lot of the tourist activities that any visitor would like to engage in while visiting the lake Bunyonyi national park and thus now I bring to you the best tourism activities that are done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and this very much interesting.

Canoeing safaris done at the Lake Bunyonyi

visitors will be able to engage and explore the lake Bunyonyi and you will have spectacular activities and sceneries while taking the canoe at Lake Bunyonyi.  Visitors can as well take the overnight trips on the lake and its several islands. The canoeing safaris is so much interesting and the visitors can decide to take this trip all the day. In case you don’t have time then you can decide to take the canoeing on Lake Bunyonyi for just hours. You will enjoy several villages while along the islands as well as the nature walks and the you engaging in the wonderful nature walk safaris.  There are also speed and the motorized boat other than the locally made boats and you will take this advantage for you to engage the sunset as well as the chance to enjoy the bird species which is so much interesting and this is much interesting.

Enjoy within the cultural walks around the Lake Bunyonyi

The lake Bunyonyi safari will give the opportunity to engage the cultural villages and engage within the cultural encounters and you will be able to visits the homesteads of the villages, enjoy the schools present within the area.  Visitors will also get a chance to enjoy the Batwa cultural pygmies who are major cultural asset in this area.

Bird watching within the lake Bunyonyi

Its believed that the lake Bunyonyi is the home to more than 200  species of birds  and therefore the visitors who area interested within the bird watching will be able to see and enjoy these birds especially the birds that can be encountered  when exploring the  islands by the use of the motorized boats . You will get your own bird watching guide and because of the lake, you will enjoy a lot for the bird species which is so much interesting and wonderful.

Enjoy the guided nature walks and hikes at Lake Bunyonyi

The walks around the lake Bunyonyi are less challenging and you can move and walk at your pace. These walks can either be carried out on the land or on the lake shores and still you will still move to the local community villages where you will meet and enjoy the nature life of the local community and some of the communities can be accessed through the canoe which you will be able to explore the wonderful and areas of the country.

Biking safari at Lake Bunyonyi

Biking is an activity that is done around lake Bunyonyi in Uganda all the day and the visitors will drive along the lake and the mountains and hills as they enjoy the beautiful sceneries/ the biking safaris will pass through the villages, hamlets, the people within the area and you should make sure that you don’t miss out on this wonderful biking safari experience at Lake Bunyonyi

Lastly the visitors will enjoy the swimming at Lake Bunyonyi

Swimming is also one of the interesting activity that can be done at this magnifincy lake Bunyonyi. There some unique places where you can go and swim but you need to be extremely experienced swimmer because this is the one of the deepest lakes in the whole world. No crocodiles, or hippos which can be found in this great water even some of the lodge close have got the swimming pool around the lake and this is very interesting. Pleased contact us for the more safari here in Lake Bunyonyi.