This is one of the best and most wonderful experiences in Rwanda and one of the best experiences that you will ever have in the whole of Africa. Nyungwe forest is the only place where visitors can travel on top of the forest and enjoy views of the 50-meter high as you enjoy the country’s thousand hills.

There are canopy walks, which feature the magnificence of heights and allow you to walk for a distance of about 200 meters. The forest covers between 1600 and 200 square kilometers and is located on a strategic level or driver to Rwanda’s center.

This forest provides the best places and scenery for landscape viewing and moments of silence. As you enter the Nyungwe Forest National Park, prepare to enjoy the colorful and wonderful views of the forest as you embark on canopy walks.

The Nyungwe Forest canopy walk lasts for approximately two hours, and it starts from the Uwinka at the park headquarters. The forest walk along the forest trail gives you the opportunity to experience the viewing adventures before heading for the wonderful canopy walks at the top of the forest.

The major and prominent sightings during the canopy forest walks include the black and white colobus monkeys, the L’hoest monkeys, various species of birds and the blue monkeys, among others.

Visitors who are participating in the canopy walks include those under six years old, and they can be escorted by adults. The canopy walk costs USD 60, which can be paid at the reception center.

Because the chances of a rainstorm dropping flat along these lines are high, bring a raincoat. Climbing shoes are also required, and both can be rented from the gathering location. The strolling sticks are provided free of charge. In terms of difficulty, this climb is very natural and takes about two hours to complete.

The shadow span connects several massive, ancient trees that are home to a diverse range of rare flora and greeneries, as well as more than 300 species of birds, twenty-five of which are indigenous to this area, which is vital to the Albertine Rift. Also keep an eye out for primates, as the forest is home to thirteen different kinds of them.

During our tour, you will be fortunate enough to encounter Rwenzori colobus monkeys, as well as L’Hoest’s and brilliant monkeys. Despite the fact that chimpanzees are mostly discovered in separate parts of the woods, there’s always a chance they’re looking close by.

Once you are on the canopy walk safari, you will travel and get the rewards of the ten-kilometer hiking safari as you explore the Ishuno water falls, which are so interesting and wonderful. This is a small six-waterfall that is very peaceful to watch and provides a lot of enjoyment. Other than the canopy safaris in Nyungwe, this is so much more interesting.

The entire trip takes around two hours, and while there are a few spots that can be perilous and steep, the hike is reasonably easy. In these circumstances, you must wear comfortable and reasonable footwear. At the start of the journey, you’ll be offered a mobile shaft; would it be a good idea for you to take it on the wonderful safaris? This is so much fun and wonderful.

For the duration of the day, there are different commencement occasions; ask us which one will work best with your schedule items. The minimum age for this stroll is six years old, and adults should accompany the children.

Nyungwe National Park also provides explorers and walkers a variety of paths into various parts of the forest, including multi-day routes, climbs to the nearby Ishuno cascades, and strolls with more of a birding or wildlife emphasis.

Make sure that you come along with the camera and enough batteries, the rain jacket, the hiking boots, the walking sticks, and enough drinking water in order to make the hiking safari wonderful.