Cultural tours in Volcanoes National Park- Rwanda is proud of the culture of the people who live around Volcanoes National Park. The people live in their traditional ways, and they have organized themselves into groups to entertain visitors, particularly those who come to see the endangered mountain gorillas at Volcanoes National Park. The tourist will decide to go deep into the local community and engage in the activities that everyone in the local community is involved in. The Volcanoes national park is famous for the habituated mountain gorillas that can be seen by tourists in the activity that is known as gorilla trekking. Many visitors going to Volcanoes national park are involved in gorilla trekking within the national park. If you come to see the endangered mountain gorillas and have some time, then you can go and see the local community and its residents. You can spend the day and night exploring the local community around the volcanoes in the national park.

National Volcanoes is the safest place for you to visit, and thus, if you are interested in exploring Rwanda, please make sure that you come and visit this park because it has got a lot of tourist attractions. The park spans the districts of Rubavu, Nyabihu, and Musanze in Rwanda. The park is the most accessible and visitors will need to drive for about 2 hours from Kigali city to reach the park. The tour operators usually come and pick up the tourists on their arrival and then transfer them to the Volcano national Park lodges. Car hire services are also available in Kigali and you can also hire a car for self-drive. Some cars can be hired cheaply in Rwanda, making you save on transport.

The busiest travelers can also take public transportation from Kigali to Volcanoes National Park, which departs from the Kigali bus terminal in the Gishenyi bis terminal and goes to the park, or they can take taxis. Remember that Volcanoes national park is only 12 kilometers from Kigali, and thus it is the most accessible national park in Rwanda and the most accessible gorilla park in the whole world.

Cultural tours in Volcanoes National Park

The cultural tours in Volcanoes national park can be seen by visiting the Ibyiwacu cultural village. You can also visit the cultural villages in Rwanda while taking the Kigali City Tour, as you will encounter different communities and villages. Visitors can go and visit Musanze City, where you can go and explore the Ibyiwacu cultural villages. This ensures that you get an amazing experience in Rwanda. The community visitors to Ibyiwacu village provide visitors with an amazing safari experience, and you will learn a lot about Rwandan culture as you participate in many of the village walks, such as making banana beer and preparing local Rwandan cuisine, among other things.

The cultural villages were established a long time ago, even when the villages were still under the kingdom ships. The moment you step into the village for the community village tour, you will be greeted by several guards that are responsible for the protection of the village, and they will lead you deep inside the village, where you will find a lot of traditional houses.

You’ll have a fantastic time in the village, and if you’re lucky, you’ll be picked to be the king or queen for the day, in which case you’ll be clothed in traditional king and queen costumes, which is pretty entertaining. Following your selection of the day’s monarch, a fire will be lit, much as it was when kingdoms still existed, and a medicine man will appear in front of you, preparing traditional herbs that were once used as medicine. Visitors will also learn how to cultivate with traditional tools such as hand hoes. You will be taught how to harvest a variety of crops, weed, and produce banana beer, which is a delightful drink that you will have the opportunity to sample if you are interested. Visiting the Ibyiwacu cultural village will provide you with unforgettable experiences as you interact with the residents and learn more about Rwandan culture.

In addition to your park tour, you can participate in a variety of activities in the Volcanoes National Park before visiting Ibyiwacu Town, which includes: Gorilla trekking In Rwanda, gorilla trekking is only possible in Volcanoes National Park, where you will visit the park’s several gorilla families and have the ultimate gorilla experience. Hiking the Virunga Mountains to find different gorilla families, such as the Agashya gorilla group, the Amahoro gorilla group, the Uganda gorilla families, and other gorilla families in the park is part of gorilla trekking in the park.

The Virunga Mountains, which include Mount Sabyinyo, Mount Gahinga, Mount Muhabura, Mount Bisoke, and Mount Karisimbi, can be hiked to see a variety of attractions, such as the twin lakes of Burera and Ruhondo that can be seen after hiking Mount Muhabura, as well as Lake Kivu and other attractions.