Water resources and water bodies are critical in every country as they provide a lot of tourist attractions and potential. Visitors come, sit, and relax on the sandy beaches, enjoying a drink or the beverages that are done and prescribed by the holidays, which is so interesting.

Someone appears to be hunting for his daily bread seaward while sampling beverages recommended for vacationers traveling in exciting places full of water bodies. While we are having fun with stimulating water sports on those choppy waves, someone is crushing on a comparable water surface to fit his family. Visits is revealing himself for duty on a frigid fishing boat just as we punch out and retire to the glow of our lodgings.

While visiting the Gihaya, found on the southern end of Lake Kivu, you will learn much about how the local community utilizes the lakes and goes about their daily activities. You will take a boat cruise to Gihaya Island, where you will enjoy the stunning islands whose atmosphere can attract several visitors to come and enjoy the wonderful safaris.

The excitement of travelling on a drifting yacht is palpable. If you’ve been following my accounts for a while, you’re probably aware of my obsession with Lake Kivu. In any event, lying by the seaside and admiring those wonderful waves isn’t enough to quench my thirst. Any seaward action, and sailing is unquestionably one of them, gets the job done.

Once you reach Gihaya Island, you will be warmly welcomed by the enchanting women. A group of females working under the auspices of a pleasant known as Noza Ubukorikori needed a better opportunity to gather specific details about their projects, but our brief encounter gave me a glimpse into their daily routine.

They usually get up early in the morning and paddle their small wooden kayaks to various fishing areas. After that, they acquire fish from anglers and proceed to the market.

The women on the island are involved in several activities, including vending the fish, and they are also involved in other activities. They are also well-known artists. Engaging vacationers is a way for them to diversify their revenue streams and expand their company portfolio. The women also weave and provide guests with souvenirs.

Kayaking is physically demanding, yet Gihaya women manage it with ease. It’s amazing how basic their strokes appear to be. They were navigating the lake without life jackets, which astounded me. Although they were recognized for their swimming skills, they believe the rules advocated by experts elsewhere apply to them as well.

Visiting and exploring the Giyana islands changes a lot of the islands, and they are so wonderful and interesting. Seriously, your prejudice about islanders being lazy and inactive was dispelled during a visit to Gihaya.

Visitors will also explore the core area with a new perspective and a greater appreciation for the assets we have been given. Women are serious and are working to transform their unattractive skills into appealing ones.

When you get on the island, the locals will astound you with their unique melodies, music, and movement styles.

You are welcome to participate, but it is by no means required. Following the welcoming reception, your aide will take you on a tour of the island. You will get the opportunity to see some of the island’s small homesteads as well as some remnants of German and Belgian boundary communities.

A helpful group of fish harvesting ladies is unique to the island. Before you go, the ladies who use nearby wooden kayaks to travel around Lake Kivu will race you in their kayaks to bid you farewell.

Your aide will take you past a greater number of Rusizi’s islands before returning to Rusizi.