Gorilla Mist Camp is an established accommodation facility that is found in the Ruhija sector of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. At times, people call it the Ruhija Mist Camp. This is perfect for guests and travelers who like traveling in groups or as a family, and it is characterized by perfect and excellent rooms, which there are eight in total, and it is convenient for visitors who are interested in trekking the gorilla families, such as the Bitura and other gorilla families.

The meals provided here are so delicious and are arranged based on the guests’ preferences. While staying at the lodge, you will enjoy various species of birds that you might encounter on the way.

It also features an excellent bar that provides special drinks, including both soft and hard drinks. At just a few kilometers from the park headquarters at Ruhija, the place is so interesting that, at times, the visitors can come with their cooking equipment and start enjoying their meals prepared by themselves.

The Gorilla Mist camp is one of the best places to stay in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, aside from the requisite path clearance. Our helpful guide provides all the alternatives to make your safari fantastic with Ruhija Gorilla Mist Camp, ranging from the most welcoming accommodation to perfect services from our finest employees.

The park headquarters, where gorilla trekking briefings are conducted, are only a 7-minute drive from the camp. The camp is a mid-range resort that is both privately owned and run. It has the look and feel of an authentic African safari lodge, complete with landscape gardens where visitors may take in the breathtaking views of the Virunga Mountains and the Impenetrable Forest.

The expertise in the tourist sector provides the Gorilla Mist Camp with a first-hand understanding of client care services. It is privately owned and operated.

The mission of the camp is to provide comfort and care for our customers and take pleasure in their work. This camp, located in the south-western portion of Uganda, is a classic African safari lodge with groomed gardens and beautiful views of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Virunga Mountains.

The breathtaking backdrop of the forest welcomes you to the one-of-a-kind camp for medium and upper-class tourists. It’s a home away from home, with a peaceful atmosphere and just the sounds of birds to keep you company. The ambiance is pleasant and welcoming. If you’re lucky, mountain gorillas and colobus monkeys may pay you a surprise visit!

The facilities that are offered at the Gorilla Mist Camp include WiFi/Internet access that is both fast and dependable, parking that is plentiful and secure, traditional lodging, a well-stocked bar and restaurant with a variety of delectable dishes, views of the Rwandan Hills that are breathtaking, and laundry services are available and airport shuttle services are available.

Some of the activities provided at the camp include a tour through Uganda’s finest forest, which is home to 23 extremely isolated woodland Albertine Rift endemics, which will introduce you to your fantasy forest bird species.

The highest peak in the forest, Ruhija, provides the best view of rear species such as the white-starred robin, grey cuckoo shrike, strange weaver, banded Prinia, brown-chested Alethe, slender-billed Greenbul, yellow-streaked Greenbul, white-browned Crombec, mountain Illadopsis, Ludher’s bush shrike, grey bush shrike, and grey green bush shrike, all of which can be downloaded as a checklist for the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Visiting trips to a local school, a traditional local healer, a banana brewery, or combining the community tour with a nature walk towards the forest are all possibilities. Whatever trip you choose, you will gain insight into the lives of the people that live in and around Ruhija.

If requested, the lodge may organize a special performance by children from the nearby orphanage for lodge visitors-a stunning sing-along and dance performance that will transport you to Ugandan culture, as well as arrange gorilla trekking adventure vacations to the Ruhija sector.