Booking a gorilla trekking package in Uganda is once-in-a-lifetime encounter with probably the most unusual creature on the planet. The Bwindi Impenetrable Forest is home to a large number of mountain gorillas. This dense rainforest, located in the southwest of Uganda, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with incredible biodiversity.

More than 450 mountain gorillas live and play among the overgrown undergrowth of the mountains, surrounded by forests and lakes and overwhelmed by the emotional Virunga mountain range. Seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat is a top African safari wild experience that will inspire you to contribute to the protection of untamed life.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is often best done in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, though it may also be possible in Mgahinga national park, depending on gorilla trekking permit accessibility and the preference of the travelers.

The Bwindi forest is home to about half of Africa’s mountain gorilla population. Therefore, the major purpose of movements would be to participate in gorilla treks around Uganda and Africa.

Gorilla trekking package in Uganda

The park is home to 11 primate species that are warm-blooded, including high-contrast Columbus monkeys, red-followed monkeys, L’Hoest’s monkeys, mandrills, chimpanzees, De Brazza monkeys, and spectacled Galago monkeys, among others.

Uganda protects the majority of these endangered species in two regions in the country’s southwestern corner, and it provides the best gorilla trekking safari experiences. Almost every safari in this small East African country includes a day gorilla trek into ancient misty wildernesses in search of a group of mountain gorillas.

The travel is sometimes longer, tedious, and more challenging than planned, but the small amount of time you spend with our primitive cousins in their ordinary habitat is indescribable.

When you’re up close and personal with a 400-pound silverback, a slew of unpleasant emotions sweep over you, and you always exhibit indications of change.

Uganda allows the adventurous traveler to experience a more daring form of safari. It is the original Eden, boasting over 1000 kinds of birds and untamed life unlike that found anywhere else. At home, mingle with mountain gorillas.

Only eight tourists are allowed to see each gorilla family on a regular basis, and our experienced guides will explain the protocol for seeing a massive silverback.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable should take at least three days, though it is frequently extended to four days with twofold gorilla trekking, four days gorilla trekking and lake Bunyonyi safari, five days gorilla trekking and natural life safari, six days gorilla trekking, chimpanzee and wild life safari, and other agendas, depending on how long the explorer will spend in Uganda. To join in the remarkable gorilla traveling experience in Bwindi

All safari itineraries begin and terminate in Kampala, with the exception of those that end in Kigali. It will take you eight hours to drive from Kampala to the Bwindi wilderness, where you will check into your hotel and register for supper and a short-term visit.

The excursion will include a stop at the equator to stretch your legs, take photos, and earn some prizes. Another stop will be at the Igongo culture center in Mbarara, where you will be able to sample local Ugandan cuisine as well as continental delicacies.

Following the mid-day break, you will proceed directly to your guesthouse in Bwindi Forest for the remainder of the vacation. Trekker’s Tarvern is a low-cost option; Ichumbi Gorilla Lodge is a mid-range option; and Chameleons Slope Stop is an upscale option.

Note that depending on which place you will traverse the mountain, there are convenient options ranging from budget-friendly to mid-range to deluxe. Please contact our website for more gorilla trekking safari itineraries to Uganda and the East African region.