Hiking on Mount Kigali offers the best experience because  it has a lot of riddled hills as well as human settlements and stones, and the place has since changed its wild state if you are told of how it was in previous decades. If you decide to hike Mount Kigali, you will pass through several houses as you ascend.

Mount Kigali does not necessitate any prior hiking experience because it is not as steep or as high as you might think. You will not be stressed while hiking it; unlike other Rwandan mountains such as the Virunga volcanoes or the Karimbi, you will only need one day to hike to the top of the mountain, and once there, you will be rewarded with a stunning view of Kigali city as you stand at different points of the hill.

So when you are in Kigali, you can decide to combine the Kigali city tour with the hiking of Mount Kigali for a wonderful fall experience in the Rwandan atmosphere. As the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali is found in both the mountains of Mount Jali and Mount Kigali, and just hiking up the Kigali mountain will offer you a fantastic safari experience.

Mount Kigali is located in the city of Kigali’s southwestern section. Kigali is Rwanda’s capital city and the site of Kigali International Airport, the country’s only international airport. Take up this Mount Kigali climb if you’re looking for a simple and less taxing activity.

The ascent to the slopes of Mount Kigali originates in the Nyamirambo district of Kigali and extends north to various Kigali neighborhoods, providing numerous routes for this hike. Hiking Mount Kigali commences with the walk up to the Birogo, which is found in the proximity of the green mosque and the Nyamirambo women’s center, and you will need one hour as you start trekking gradually up to the Kigali stadium.

As you trek around this place, you will encounter a lot of people since the place is very busy with local bars, restaurants, and very busy people as they are doing their daily business. As you hike the mountain of Kigali, the Nyamirambo will be your endpoint, and here you can sip the cold water beverage or have ice cream. As you hike, you will find all of the spots to explore as you are winding your way back.

Hiking on Mount Kigali

Guests at the Fazenda Sengha horse riding school get the opportunity to ride one of the school’s nine horses. You will learn how to ride a pony if you have never done so before, as well as how to care for and master the premise of a pony, all depending on how much time you have at the school. Get a chance to participate in the school’s jackasses as well.

Donkeys are kept at the school to transport food and water for the horses. Given the amazing views of the area, you can set up a picnic or do some filmmaking and photography while remaining at the Fazenda Sengha horse riding school. Make a point of stopping by this institution for the amazing experience it offers.

Hiking Mount Kigali is also regarded as an unearthly location where residents of the surrounding area frequently go to solicit their most profound needs. Apart from the depth angle, there are a variety of activities that visitors to Mount Kigali can partake in, such as a pony riding movement at the Fazenda Sengha horse riding school.

Hiking to the top of Kigali, the women’s mountain, provides the best and most rewarding views of the city; hiking down, you will see all of the fauna and flora, though they are still on a small scale due to human settlement. If you don’t want to go upwards, you could go on a hike up the mountain. Mount Kigali trekking or hiking is a thrilling adventure sport for intrepid explorers, and it is possible on Mount Kigali. The mountain features several distinct courses that work with the use of bicycles up the slope.

For bikers, this could be a real turnout. While walking up Mount Kigali, get to know the local area because there is a human population, however sparsely populated. You can exchange ideas, buy some local products and artwork for trinkets, enjoy some neighborhood refreshments, or simply enjoy their company over a few beers at a local pub. If the Rwandan public’s way of life inspires you, you can choose from a variety of adjacent networks to engage with while on the move.

Finally, visitors hiking Mount Kigali can also go on a village walk in Nyamirambo village to visit a homestead and discover how things are done in an African homestead, as well as participate in the preparation of native culinary dishes, local brew, or handcrafted butter. If you want to help the children in an orphanage or a family home, you can go to a charitable organization. Enjoy the Rwanda safari by contacting us for an instant reply.