Honeymoon safari experience in Rwanda: Having your home in Rwanda is an agreed-upon choice that you will never make. The country has many honeymoon adventure destinations, as well as other places and attractions that help visitors have a good time. For the past decade, Rwanda has proven to be one of the best countries with a wonderful safari experience [prince] that can even entice those on their honeymoon safari.

There are different spots for tourists in Rwanda to watch interesting videos. Because of this, many of the attractions have been visited by both domestic and international visitors.

The common characteristics of Rwanda are reflected in the welcoming people and those who are so friendly to strangers, and these complement the whole home-moon experience for the visitors. Further, since the time of the genocide, Rwanda has proved to be secure and there are no other security concerns, so you will enjoy the special scenery without fear or favor when exploring or visiting the destination Rwanda.

Once you have reached Rwanda, the main arrival point for all international travelers is the Kigali International Airport, which is based in the country’s capital city, and it is from where you will start exploring the different parts of the country. On several occasions, Kigali has been ranked as the best and cleanest city in the whole of East Africa and the African at large, and it is a great hub for several business entities.

There are areas outside of the administrative structures and several genocide memorial sites that have been constructed within the country. While on your honeymoon safari in Rwanda, you can engage in many of the places, with the most popular being the Fazenda Sengha, which provides visitors with a romantic experience and activities that include quad biking, archery, and horse-riding, among several other activities that can be done within the city.

The architecture of Kigali is so wonderful and interesting, and the most commonly visible includes the Kigali City Tower, which is the tallest building in the whole of Kigali City. Additionally, you will also enjoy the Kigali Convection Center, which accommodates more than 490 people in its several conference centers and other buildings that you can also enjoy here.

Honeymoon safari experience in Rwanda

Places for honeymoon experiences in Rwanda

Rwanda has many peaceful spots along Lake Kivu, both in town and out in the country, with a cool breeze. Kibuye town, which is a two-hour drive from the Nyungwe forest, and Gisenyi town, which is a one-hour vehicle transfer from the Volcanoes national park, are the two tourist towns on Lake Kivu where you can stay. Shared by Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lake Kivu is one of Eastern Africa’s most beautiful bodies of water.

Lake Kivu is a long lake with a sandy lakeside that combines with some of the most emotional wedding trip resorts and island activities. You might take a boat ride on Lake Kivu or soak your feet in the lake while watching the sunset in the evening. You can also visit Lake Kivu for a more immersive experience by taking a speedboat ride on the lake or participating in an hour of kayaking for about $30 per person. You might also like to try your hand at fishing on Lake Kivu.

The Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Le Palme Beach hotel, Paradise Malahide in Gisenyi town, and the charming Comoran resort in Kibuye town, are some of the hotels on Lake Kivu that will undoubtedly provide you with the ultimate romantic holiday.

There are four national parks in Rwanda, and these include the Nyungwe Forest National Park, the Gishwati-Mukura National Park, the Volcanoes National Park, and the Akagera National Park. All of these parks offer you the best safari experience, and this is wonderful. It is also very interesting. While on your honeymoon, you and your partner can participate in a movement in each of these public parks.

Book a mountain gorilla excursion, a chimpanzee or other monkey trip, or a safari game drive in Rwanda’s savannah park. Take on a mountain climb in one of the country’s Virunga Mountains if you and your partner are enthusiastic about climbing or hiking, which is very interesting.

What to do today during your honeymoon safari experience in Rwanda

There are different hotels and lodges where you can stay during your honeymoon adventure in Rwanda, and these lodges will be chosen by you based on your safari interests and budget. Some of the hotels here, including

The Rusizi Tented Resort

it’s a premium eco-lodge that is suitable for honeymooners visiting the Akagera National Park. Because the resort is so close to the animals, you can enjoy some visits and distant views of the hippos wallowing.

The elegant Bisate lodge

Its located on the slopes of the Bisoke mountain, is a popular destination. Only six luxury rooms are available at this resort, so book early for your honeymoon.

The Paradise Malahide

Its a basic hotel for honeymooners looking for a romantic but budget-friendly place to stay. This lodge is located on the lake’s edge and provides a view of the lake as well as access to the beach from the property, which is one of the best in the region.

Despite its town location, the Kigali Marriot Hotel in Kigali is also an excellent alternative with a five-star rating and might be a perfect honeymoon hotel. On your Rwanda safari, the Kigali Marriot includes an outdoor pool, a spa, and a gym where you can choose a honeymoon package.

The Virunga lodge

Its located in Musanze town near the Volcanoes National Park, is a must-see. This is a high-end property that will provide both a physical and emotional element by presenting views from the property as well as portraying the ideal Rwandan ambiance at the lodge. Massages, room beautification, and the right environment to enjoy your bottle of wine at the fireplace or on the balcony of your hotel are frequently provided for honeymooners.

Are you interested in having your honeymoon experience in Rwanda at a different location? We can still arrange the perfect honeymoon at a property of your choice; all you have to do is contact us and we’ll talk about it.