Horse riding trips in Uganda- Uganda is not yet known for its popular destination for horse-riding safaris, but actually the country is the best destination for horse riding safaris. Horse riding safaris provide the best adventure safaris and they increase the experience within the destination. This one-of-a-kind horse safari takes you to the source of the world’s longest river, the Nile. Cross wetlands and sprint up hills to discover what beautiful landscape lies ahead, feeling like jungle adventurers in quest of rare birds and monkeys. Spend a day horseback riding along the shores of the enchanted Lake Victoria, then follow the river’s edge to Jinja, Uganda’s adventure capital. Because horse safari riding is handled with the support of a guide who will assure your safety and security until the end of the activity, any visitor interested in the Uganda horse safari may participate in the adventure even if he has never attempted it before.

The horse riding safaris in Uganda will take you through the Uganda rural life as you will visit several villages and enjoy the several farms that are operated by the local people. Uganda is the best destination for visitors who are interested in the off-road truck safaris as you enjoy the horseback riding safaris in Uganda, the country that is dubbed the pearl of Africa.

Horse riding trips in Uganda

Horse riding safaris in Uganda are well-known for being best-done at tourist sites, but they may also be scheduled to tour local communities, experience Uganda’s rolling hills and picturesque beauty, and visit tea plantations and national parks.

Horseback riding trips does take place in Lake Mburo national park in Uganda, one of the best destinations where it takes place. Lake Mburo national park is found in western Uganda and it is regarded as one of the smallest national parks but rich in wildlife species. The horse riding trips are not all that exciting and those who don’t know how to ride are given the chance for the visitors, who are accompanied by an experienced rider, as well as the escort, to be able to defend the horseback rider in case of an attack, mainly from animals. Herds of zebras, rare impala antelopes, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, hippos, eland, African caped buffaloes, and Rothschild giraffes reintroduced from Murchison Falls National Park, leopards, Oribis, and other animals and bird species are among the wildlife visitors will see on a game horse ride in Lake Mburo National Park.

Mihingo safari resort operates horse-riding safaris in Lake Mburo national park, with seven horses and ponies available for parties and families to have a horse-riding adventure full of amazing memories and relaxation in the bush.

Horse riding trips in Uganda

We can say that the guides are incredibly knowledgeable and have well-trained eyes, although they frequently follow their horses’ leads. Riders that go game-watching on horseback have an edge since the horses will often detect animals before their riders, letting them know with perked ears.

The majority of the horses roam freely and are well accustomed to encountering nature. Similarly, because wildlife rarely sees horse riders as a danger, riders can have up-close encounters with even enormous creatures like elephants and rhinos. Plains wildlife like zebras, wildebeests, and antelopes welcome horses into their herds and will graze quietly with riders just a few meters away. Horse riders are frequently ignored by giraffes, elephants, and buffalo, and you may watch them in awe while the animals happily graze or bathe. Rhinos are typically fascinated by horses, resulting in some remarkable close encounters.

Another location in Uganda where you can have horse riding trips is Jinja, which is located near the Nile’s source. Jinja is recognized as Uganda’s adventure capital, with a variety of athletic activities on the Nile River, including horseback riding. Other activities include white water rafting, bungee jumping, and bike riding, among others. Due to the fact that horseback riding takes only a few hours and can continue for up to half a day, it can be combined with other activities to create a typical authentic African trip in the bush.

Safety and security during horse riding trips in Uganda are;

While there is always some danger when going on safari, the safety of our visitors is our top priority, and all of our operators have a good safety record. With professional guides and superb horses, the danger is minimized to an absolute minimum. We only accept intermediate-plus riders and up for any rides where large game may be seen — that is, riders who have been riding for many years and are well-balanced in the saddle. Our safari operators have been riding in these places for many years and are intimately familiar with the terrain. The guides are well-trained, with the majority having at least ten years of horse safari guiding experience before becoming head guides. Because of their bush expertise and great lead horses, they are specialists at interpreting animals’ body language and navigating the terrain. Come and enjoy the horse riding trips in Uganda and explore more practical wildlife and cultural experiences.