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This therefore becomes a wonderful and fruitful discussion to prove to the visitors’ facts that they can get the final information before travelling to Uganda. It’s like a guide offering services to tourists who are interested in knowing more about Uganda and how they can easily travel to and from Uganda on a wonderful safari.

Remember that Uganda is one of the top wildlife destinations, offering visitors who are interested in joining and enjoying safaris limitless views of the safaris and wonderful scenery.

Uganda has been rated as the best destination for gorilla trekking experiences in the world, and this is very much an interesting experience. The reason here is that Uganda has more gorillas than any country in the world, which are found in her two national parks, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. The major and most popular activity in Uganda is gorilla trekking, which generates a significant amount of cash for the government.

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On this note, the Ugandan government has worked hard to guarantee that gorilla trekking safaris are both safe and cheap for all visitors. The Uganda Wildlife Authority charges 700 USD for gorilla trekking, and no traveler has ever regretted purchasing a gorilla trekking permit owing to the fantastic and gratifying adventure experience that these lovely creatures provide.

The government has gone even farther, deploying both military forces like the Uganda Police Force and Uganda Tourism Police to assure the protection and safety of all visitors to Uganda safaris.

The military and Uganda safari visitors are stationed at Uganda’s and other countries’ borders, as well as in local towns, to safeguard wildlife, endangered mountain gorillas, and Uganda safari visitors.

In Uganda’s conserved and protected national parks, these creatures travel at all hours of the day and night. In comparison to Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, this has given the country credit since it is now recognized as the top destination for safe and economical mountain gorilla safaris.

Unlike other nations with mountain gorillas, a Uganda gorilla trekking safari can be combined with a variety of other exciting activities to provide a tourist with even more memories of his or her vacation to Uganda, depending on how long he or she stays in Uganda.

Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda’s largest national park, and Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda’s second largest, as well as Kidepo Valley National Park, are the most outstanding and famous top sites for seeing wildlife.

On a Uganda safari, you can see amazing savannah and woodland animals in the protected zones. On a Uganda balloon safari, a game drive, or a boat trip on the Albert Nile in Murchison and the Kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth National Park, you can see the unique wildlife animals.

According to information on the Uganda safari website, the Uganda chimpanzee trekking safari experience is another activity to enjoy that travelers should not miss out on when visiting Africa.

Chimpanzee trekking is best done in Kibale Forest National Park, although it may also be found in other regions of Queen Elizabeth National Park, such as Budongo Forest, Kalinzu Forest, and the Kyambura Gorge section. The “big five” animals of east Africa to be seen include lions, elephants, leopards, Rothschild giraffes, hippos, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos, and leopards.

Information about the Uganda Safari Forum

For visitors who are interested in Uganda safaris, we recommend visiting during the dry season when many visitors arrive in Uganda and many wildlife species go to local water bodies and wetlands to drink. These can easily be seen in big herds on a game drive. Because the gentle giants remain in the high-altitude sections of the Bwindi forest, hiking to trek the mountain gorillas gets easier during the dry season.