Jinja Tourism City: Jinja is situated in the eastern part of Uganda in Jinja district approximately 80 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Jinja derives its name from the huge rocks that were found in the area along the river Nile.

Jinja is also found along the northern shores of Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. Jinja is also a home of the source of the River Nile which passes through South Sudan and ends in Egypt. River Nile is the longest River in the world which measures 6,696 kilometers long. It was discovered by John Hanning Speke on 3rd August 1858. Both Lake Victoria and River Nile have become a major tourist attraction in Jinja and Uganda at large.

Activities in Jinja city

White water rafting

This activity is the best that shouldn’t miss on you travel list in Jinja, it is done along River Nile the world’s longest river in the world.  Some parts of the river where rafting is done there is Surreal rapid water and the other side the water is culm and suitable for swimming therefore one should start the activity while expecting anything but its all fun and adventurous, there is a rescue team the helps during any trouble or discomfort. All rafters are given a life jacket and other rafting equipments. White water rafting has 2 grades 4 and 5. There is also a chance on viewing wildlife species like birds, monkeys and butterflies. Rafters can choose half day or full days rafting.

White water rafting

Boat ride along River Nile

As written in the introduction the Lake Victoria the largest tropical lake in Africa and the second largest freshwater lake in the world after Lake Superior also passes through Jinja, there is an opportunity to do boat ride on the lake starting from the source of the Nile taking through the newly constructed bridge with a chance of viewing as many bird species and possible. The boat is never boring as riders enjoy music, plenty of eats and drinks.

Bungee jumping in Jinja

It requires one person to jump from a platform with a bungee cord, this activity is allowed to people over sixteen years of age, it does not require any experience but one has to be healthy, physically fit, brave and have enough courage to jump from the platform to diving down to the tower and touching down on the Nile river water because the experience is so much frightening. Bungee jumping is not allowed to people bellow sixteen years, pregnant women, asthmatic patients, people with heart problems, high blood pressure, overweight (minimum weight has to be 35 kilo grams and maximum weight should be 260 kilo grams), those with injuries and other diseases that make one un comfortable.

bungee jumping

Horseback riding in Jinja

Horseback riding is becoming an increasingly popular activity for adventurers who have come to Uganda to experience it. Horseback riding is known as a sports activity, and it gives the visitors joy and physical fitness, including a form of relaxation for their minds as they enjoy the body of the horse. Jinja is the most adventurous city, and exploring the city on the back of a horse is extremely adventurous.

Horseback riding is popular along the Nile and in the surrounding neighborhoods. The resources you invest in terms of time and money will determine how long you ride. The hours of your pony ride are only counted from the point at which you are confident in your preparation.

Quad biking in Jinja

It involves riding a four-wheel motorbike in Jinja and passing through the Nile River. While riding you still pass through Jinja town, sugar cane plantations, forests and rural villages. Riding these biking does not involve any experience apart from the briefing and knowledge gathered from the instructor before you start off the riding.

Kayaking and canoeing

Apart from white water rafting that can be done on high rapids, kayaking and canoeing is recommended on the Nile with a very slow pace. Since its slow you have a high opportunity to see the flora and fauna. Before setting off for kayaking and canoeing your given instructions and life jacket by the instructors.

Cycling in Jinja city

Other than quad biking, cycling involves much energy and you can go at a slow pace or your own pace, in this case you are give a motor bike, helmet and a guide you direct you where to ride you bike from. Since you drive at you own pace you have a high chance of viewing wild life.  You ride through Jinja city, sugarcane plantation and you can go as far as Mabira forest.

Bird watching in Jinja

Uganda is famous for birding since it shelters half of Africa’s birding species hence being one of the best birding destinations in Africa. Jinja is one of the best places in Uganda for birding since different bird species can be spotted anywhere at your convenience. You can spot birds at the shores of Lake Victoria, at the source of the Nile, along the roads, outside your hotel rooms etc. It is super exciting when one has a binocular. Birds spotted in Jinja include; sparrows, marabou storks, sunbirds, eagles to mention but a few.

Bird watching in Jinja

Tubing on the Nile

Tubing involves floating on the waters of river nile on air pressured tubes. You can float slowly up to the new constructed bridge to the land scape while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Vising mabira forest

Mabira forest is the largest tropical rain forest in Uganda found in Buikwe district between Jinja and Lugazi district. There are many activities that can be enjoyed in mabira forest such as ziplining where one is tied very well with the ropes and slides on top of the trees giving a clear view of the forest canopy. Another activity in this forest is nature walk where visitors enjoy the beautiful greener scenery and the sound of the forest plus the birds. Nature walk in Mabira is fantastic with a well knowledgeable guide. Other activities include mountain biking, monkey tracking, birding, butterfly identification

Vising Sezibwa falls

Sezibwa falls is located in Mukono district 35km from Kampala the capital city of Uganda along kampala Jinja highway. The falls are believed to have been born by a human being one hundred years ego.  These falls have cultural and traditional in the region and to Buganda respectively. During the stay in Sezibwa falls, one enjoys nature, bird watching, canoeing, hiking, rock climbing and primate walks.

Spot fishing

Lake Victoria in Jinja harbors different bird species including the large Nile Perch and tilapia. There are specific places reserved along the Nile for spot fishing with the highest concentration of fish therefor one cannot miss to capture a single fish. One is given fishing gears and briefed on what to do and how to fish correctly.

Visiting the monument of mahatma Gandhi

There is a shrine to Mahatma Gandhi along the Nile, Mahatma Gandhi is one of the most global leaders who worked tirelessly to help liberate India and led to the promotion of modernization. On his death bed in 1948 Mahatma Gandhi wished that his ashes were to be divided up to be scattered up in several world’s greatest rivers including River Nile in Uganda. In this case a statue was also constructed close to the source of the Nile to mark his death and legacy. Many tourists pass by this statue to learn about his works and life.

Lodges/accommodation in Jinja

White waters lodge

This the most luxurious lodge in Jinja buit on a small island on River Nile. It is only accessed by boat making it adventurous to access. Kids below thirteen years are not allowed at this lodge. It has beautiful cottages with a balcony giving clients a clear view of the Nile.

2 friends guest house Jinja

The hotel was opened in 2002 suitable for budget and midrange basis. It provides you with all the necessary requirements for an enjoyable holiday/safari.

King fisher Jinja resort

King fisher is a very peaceful place to relax and experience life built close to the Nile River. It is a midrange/standard hotel with single, double and family rooms all self-contained with a spa and swimming pool making visitors feel at home.

The Haven Eco river lodge Jinja

It’s a peaceful well-maintained eco river lodge in Jinja built on the shores of River Nile offering beautiful views of the Nile suitable for family. It has both tents and bandas that accommodate upto 60 visitors. The lodge welcomes all visitors of different categories, luxury, midrange and budget rooms.

Jinja Nile resort hotel

This resort hotel is both midrange and luxury hotel built on the shores of River Nile with the best access of bungee jumping and white-water rafting. it has both double and single rooms.

Jinja safari resort

Jinja safari resort is situated 2.4 kilo meters from the source of river nile near jinja golf course with beautiful rooms fitted with a desk, flat-screen TV, private bathroom and bed linen.