The gorillas that are said to be endangered are famous worldwide, and it is well known in Africa that these gorillas are found here only. Taking the gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is the most interesting safari activity, and visitors flock to Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, which have formed one of the best and most outstanding safari activities that you can find in Uganda.

Also, these gorillas can be found in Rwanda in the Volcanoes National Park, and Rwanda and Uganda are the best safari destinations where you can do your gorilla trekking safari.

The Democratic Republic of Congo also features the Virunga National Park with the endangered mountain gorillas as well, but it is not commonly known because of the political instability, but this has proved to be a wonderful safari destination.

While in Uganda, mountain gorilla trekking is the most thrilling and exciting safari activity since it is one of the few destination areas in Uganda where you can have the chance to engage in the gorilla trekking safari and this is so much fun. Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Mgahinga National Park are the only places in Uganda where you can see gorillas.

Around ten gorilla groups live in Bwindi’s forest, together with a variety of other untamed species such as birds, Albertan unique golden monkeys, elephants, mandrills, and warthogs. These parks also border Uganda, where the Virunga national park also awaits. The Virunga volcanoes are the best place to see Rwanda’s driving holiday destination, which is unmistakably visited during the Kwita Izina-the annual child gorilla naming ceremony.

The most recent poaching of Uganda gorillas has resulted in a significant decline in the number of mountain gorillas, but it is really exciting to see these closest and most vulnerable family members of man in their natural habitat.

We usually remind our visitors to carry the gorilla trekking permit. A gorilla trekking permit is a card obtained from the relevant authorities in each gorilla country that allows you to enter and view gorillas in designated national parks. The cost of the Ugandan gorilla permits is USD 700, with a portion of the money going toward preservation drives for these fragile primates in the local area.

To aid gorilla visits as well as Uganda’s tourism economy, these license fees have been charged at a manageable rate to enable all visitors to enter into the parks. Because admission to the parks will be based on these gorilla licenses, it is always sensible and vitally important to make a grant reservation ahead of time, for example, 90 days prior to your safari to Uganda from our visit professionals.

Only each gorilla group that is well-habituated is allowed a group of eight people to visit it on a daily basis. The gorilla families are led by dominant silverbacks, and they must be trained or “habituated” before they are introduced to humans.

Following gorillas can take anywhere from three to eight hours depending on their development at home, and when you meet them, you get a chance to stay with them for a maximum of one hour while avoiding the endangered chimps, making it the best view into Uganda and East Africa. You should have a good camera with you to help you capture gorilla memories as well as interesting details along the way.

Endangered mountain gorilla trekking safaris in Uganda can be combined with other wildlife safaris, such as visiting Queen Elizabeth National Park to see an array of natural life at its best, such as lions, buffaloes, elephants, Uganda Kobs, warthogs, water bucks, and unique bird species found along the Kazinga channel that connects Lake George and Lake Edward, or simply visiting Murchison Falls National Park to see the extraordinary strong waterway.

You can also climb the Rwenzori Mountains and be among the first to conquer its glaciated peaks. Please come and enjoy the gorillas in Uganda and in the entire East African region by booking with us.