Kidepo national park is located near karenga in kaabong district in northeastern Uganda. It is the most isolated park in Uganda but the few who make the journey to this park would agree that it is also the most magnificent. It ranks among Africa’s finest wilderness. 2 rivers that are river Kidepo and river Narus transect the park.

Kidepo lies in the rugged, semi-arid valleys of Karamoja province between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It is 700km from Kampala Uganda’s capital and largest city.

It hosts over 77 mammals and 475 bird species

Activities in Kidepo national park

 Bird watching

Narus valley is the greatest spot to begin your Kidepo birding. The park shelters over 475 bird species including; vinaceous dove, Hoopoe, Mosque Swallow, Scarlet-chested Sunbird, Black Coucal, Nubian Woodpecker among others.

Game drive

 Wildlife is most active in the Narus valley during early mornings and late in the evening. Visitors are advised to use a ranger at all times who will help spot some of the park’s lions that may be sitting on the valley’s various rocks. Other wildlife that may be spotted includes leopards, bush duiker, jackal, bushbuck, bush pig, buffalo among others.

Hiking/nature walk in Kidepo valley national park

Hiking starts at 7 am, shorter guided walks around two hours can be taken through the Narus Valley extending overa 5km radius from Apoka Tourism Centre. This walks gives a clear view of wildlife and the beautiful scenery of the park.

Cultural encounters in Kidepo valley national park

Visitors move to the communities to discover the unique culture of this remote tribe with the Lorukul Cultural Group located just outside the park. Here you find Karamajongs and their main activity is herding livestock other activities are well explained by the guide as you keep on moving, learn how villagers make their local cuisines, distinctive beads, meet the karamajong king who will narrate the tribe’s folklore and beliefs.