Maramagambo forest is a big natural forest in Bushenyi district adjoining Queen Elizabeth National Park managed by Uganda wildlife Authority and National forestry Authority. The forest starts from the escarpment in Kichwamba to Lake Albert of Kazinga channel. The name Maramagambo originates from a group of young people who got lost in the forest and got too long to be found, by the time they got back to the village, they were grown and traumatized that they couldn’t speak for long. Therefore, Maramagambo refers to someone who is speechless or can’t speak.

Attractions in Maramagambo forest


Maramagambo forest is a home to primates 7 primates like Chimpanzees, Olive baboons, red tailed monkeys, blue monkeys, the nocturnal primates the bush babies and Pottos.

Bat caves.

There are thousands of bats to be seen in Maramagambo forest, there is a safe viewing outside the cave to view bats and gorging pythons.

Maramagambo forest

Forest birds

The forest offers various bird species making it a birding paradise. Some of the birds found in this forest include Rwenzori turaco, White napped pigeon, Forest flycatchers to mention but a few.

Animal species

There is a chance to track endangered species like bush babies, pygmy antelopes and pottos while having a nature walk in the forest.

Activities in Maramagambo forest

Nature walks

Nature walk is suitable in Maramagambo forest since the forest is not visited by a lot of people and most of the visitors do not like crowds. Travelers are advised to move with their packed lunch since nature walk in the forest takes 2-6 hours, almost have day. The forest consists of four walking trails with different experiences. These trails include the water trail, river trail, forest trail and valley trail.

Primate viewing

The forest shelters 7 primates and these include Olive baboons, Blue monkeys, red tailed monkey, bush babies, pottos to mention but a few. There are also many chimpanzees spotted while on a nature walk though the forest the place has not been launched for chimpanzee tracking.

Bat watching experience

There are various caves in the forest that harbors over a million number of bats for visitors to view. While viewing bats, visitors can sight African rock pythons that feed on these bats.

Best time to visit Maramagambo forest

Maramagambo forest can be visited all year round however it is advisable to visit during the dry season December to February and June to August when the trails are not slippery.

Accommodation in Maramagambo forest

Since Maramagambo forest is adjoining Queen Elizabeth National Park, travelers who came to visit the forest sleep in the lodges around the park. Some of these lodge include; Mweya safari lodge, Elephant plains lodge, Elephant hab lodge, Park view safari lodge, Buffalo safari lodge, Pumba safari cottages, Pumba bush lodge to mention but a few.