According to tradition, this hill was named Nakasero after a group of women who used to weave baskets from this location and then sell them throughout the country.

Because of this economic activity, the person was turned into “owobuselo,” which was later modified and called Nakasero. These baskets that were made were even sold in local markets, and one of the markets is currently called the Nakasero Market, which is known for its food vending. It is one of the markets that most tourists here in Uganda travel to see.

Another interesting addition is that the Nakasero hill features the presidential state lodge and several offices, including hospitals and churches, among others. The areas around the Nakasero hill area are the residential and commercial areas, and most of the commercial places are being sold here, including several markets, commercial buildings, the shopping malls, the central police station, several high-end hotels, the Kampala capital city offices, several restaurants, taxi parks, and the regular restaurants, which make this area so much fun.

Among the seven hills, the Nakasero hill has one of the most luxurious gardens, hotels, and cafes, making it one of the best and most luxurious hotels in Uganda. There are several offices of the diplomatic mission in its northern and eastern parts, and these offices include the royal Danish embassy, the Nigerian High Commission, and the French embassy, among others, and most of the people, especially the high-profile investors, are very much attracted to this place.

The Nakasero hill and its strategic location have made it the administrative capital of Kampala, featuring all the major and commercial offices, including the Ugandan Wildlife Authority, the Bank of Uganda, the Ugandan parliament, and the Ugandan Investment Authority, among other several areas.

Aside from the numerous sorts of work that are done on the hill, residents and workers in Nakasero and the surrounding areas make time for love. You might be surprised to see crowds of people at places of worship, including All Saints Church for Anglicans, Christ the King Church for Roman Catholics, Nakasero mosque for Muslims, and Watoto Church for evangelists during the days and hours set aside for supplication. These love locations are only a few of the well-known ones in Kampala.

If you are interested in knowing more about the hotels and lodges, then Nakasero slope is home to a number of Kampala’s most opulent hotels and restaurants, including the Sheraton Hotel, Kampala Serena Hotel, the Pearl of Africa Hotel, Grand Imperial Hotel, Imperial Royale Hotel, Kampala Intercontinental Hotel, and Kampala Hilton Hotel.

Many people from the surrounding workplaces use these inns and cafés. Clubs and gambling establishments include the Kampala Club and Kampala Casino, among others. All these are found within the vicinity of the Nakasero hill lodge.

As a result, visitors who wish to visit Uganda should know that Nakasero is one of the seven hills making up Kampala, with the best services and luxury facilities. Other hills that make up Kampala include Rubaga, Makindye, and Makerere, among others.