Rwanda has some of the most beautiful places that you should not miss on your Rwanda safari. Most of the places are so thrilling but they are not well known. Once visited, one can get the most outstanding services for visitors.

Rwanda is well known as the land of a thousand hills, and the beauty of this great destination is incomparable to any other destination, which makes the safari so much more interesting and wonderful. In this article, I will take you through places that you should not miss on your Rwanda safari.

Seeing the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park:

Most of the safaris to Rwanda end up in this great park where they can see the gorillas, and actually, this is the most accessible park when it comes to gorillas for visitors. The gorillas of Rwanda are only found in Volcanoes National Park, and the rest of the gorillas are found in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Rwanda is the destination for luxury gorilla safaris because the tickets are much more expensive as compared to the other safari destinations, and this is very much an interesting prospect.

You should not miss the Akagera National Park whenever you go on Rwanda safari.

The park is the only savannah national park in Rwanda that offers visitors the chance to take part in game drive safaris. It is found on the eastern border with Tanzania and features more than 20 species of mammals, including the belief that the park has got the largest concentration of hippos in the whole of Africa. There are several lakes, especially the Ihema, which is used for the boat cruise when visiting the park.

Please don’t miss the Rwanda genocide memorial site.

To commemorate these historical events, one of the largest genocide memorial sites was built in Kigali City, though several other genocide memorial sites can be found throughout the country. All of this paints a picture of the horrors that befell Rwanda in 1994. Most foreign networks reported this as a civil war, and many still do not refer to it as a genocide, claiming that it did not occur. This is one reason to demonstrate that the genocide did occur, with nearly half a million people slaughtered in just three months.

Places that you should not miss on your Rwanda safari.

When in Rwanda, you should enjoy the spectacular views and relaxing moments at Lake Kivu.

Kivu is a freshwater lake that forms Rwanda’s western boundary with the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is located in the Albertine Rift Valley and is part of the Great Rift Valley. This lake is a popular tourist destination with clean, swimmable water. It boasts beautiful beaches with beautiful scenery, and the sunsets are usually spectacular. A weekend can be spent on one of the beaches. There are many things to see in Rwanda that may pique your interest, and it all depends on your specific interests, as there are many things that may pique people’s interests that are not covered here.

Another important place that you should not miss when you visit Rwanda is the Musanze cave.

These caves are so significant to the tourism of Rwanda, and they acted as homes to people during the historical days. People in the area claim that the cave was built by a local king and that it has served as a sanctuary in the past, as well as a slaughter location during the 1994 Massacre, and that it is still littered with human remains today. Musanze, presently a bat colony, is 2 kilometers from the Gisenyi road in Ruhengeri. The fact that it’s riddled with lava particles supports the theory that it was produced as a result of vulcanicity.

For those visitors who enjoy watching primates, you shouldn’t miss visiting the Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda, which is the home of several primate species, especially chimpanzees. This is the park with the largest population of primates in Rwanda. There are over 75 animal species, 120 butterflies, 275 birds, and over 100 orchid variations, so there’s a lot of variety in there.

It’s famous for its primates, such as golden monkeys. The canopy walk is the park’s feature. It’s incredibly energizing. Therefore, when traveling to Rwanda on a safari, one or two places mentioned above must be avoided because all the Rwanda safaris revolve around these places.