Reasons for visiting Akagera National Park: These are of the motivating factors for one to choose a safari in Rwanda and engage in various tourist activities. The Akagera National Park has gained a lot of popularity and it is among the best national parks that are used for wildlife game drives in Rwanda.

Most people visit the Akagera national park because of the different tourist activities and attractions that are involved in the park. Because of the presence of various attractions within the park, the theatre also offers several activities that you can participate in, which will give you the best safari experience. Here are some of the reasons why you should visit the Akagera National Park.

If you are in Rwanda and want to see the big five mammals, you must visit the Akagera National Park. Akagera National Park can be combined with other Rwandan national parks, such as the Volcanoes National Park and the Nyungwe Forest National Park. The big five mammals that are found in the Akagera national park include, among others, leopards, lions, buffaloes, rhinos, and leopards. Other animals such as zebras and cheetahs can be seen on the water points, especially on the lake Ihema in the Akagera national park.

Another reason to visit the Akagera National park is its abundance of bird species.

Akagera National Park features a destination that has over 482 species of birds, and these birds can be found within the park. The bird-watching activities in Akagera National Park can be done in various areas, including those around the water bodies within the park, among other best areas.

Some of the bird species that you can see in Akagera National Park include African kingfisher, African sacred ibis, pied crow, bee-eater, sea eagle, circinate, pipits, cattle egret, yellow-billed stork, weavers, long claw, blue turaco, Ross’s turaco, coqui Francolin, long-tailed cisticola, bubbling cisticola, Miombo wren warbler, Miombo wren warbler, among others, which makes the safari in Akagera national park so memorable.

Also, the Akager National Park features all of the activities that you can engage in while visiting this park. One of the activities includes the wildlife sightings that you will see while conducting the game drives in your safari vehicle.

With the wildlife sightings, you will be able to see a lot of mammals, which, among others, include herbivores such as topis, bushbucks, waterbucks, impalas, elephants, and zebras, as well as amphibians, fish, and reptiles such as chameleons, Nile crocodiles, and Nile tilapia, which are among the mammals found there.

Carnivores such as leopards, lions, and hyenas are also present in the park. Travelers interested in seeing different creature species can participate in the early part of the day and nocturnal game drives in the recreation area to see different creature species. During the early morning game drives, you will have the opportunity to witness go-getters in the recreation area who are looking for the main meal of the day.

Herbivores in the recreation area should be visible chewing in the fields, which is an exciting experience. During midnight game drives, you’ll have the chance to witness a variety of carnivores in the recreation area attempting to catch prey.

Reasons for visiting Akagera National Park

The presence of experienced knowledge by the safari guides of the Akagera National Park.

The knowledge of the guides in the Akagera National Park will provide you with knowledgeable experience, and this is very interesting. The guides are well-trained and include those with an interest in bird watching. They will provide you with all the relevant information depending on the activity you participate in.

This includes nature and other sectors. A birding guide, for example, will assist you in identifying the different bird species in the park that you are unfamiliar with, as well as their relevant information, allowing you to have an amazing experience in the park because they will be able to assist you where needed as they guide you through the various activities.

You should also be able to visit the Akagera National Park because of the safety.

The safety and security of the park are another reason why you should be able to visit the Akagera National Park. The safari activities in Rwanda have encouraged most of the international visitors to come and explore the Akagera national park. Before they are allowed to participate in any activity within the recreation area, visitors must first attend an orientation meeting where they will be counseled on appropriate behavior while in the recreation area.

They will want to follow the recommendations in the booklet to avoid any mishaps. During the numerous activities in the  park, sightseers are accompanied by a fully equipped game officer, whose job is to protect visitors from the horrifying attacks of the many wild animals in the recreation area, resulting in a memorable visit.

Before entering the recreation area, visitors must pass through a security checkpoint where they will be searched for weapons that could harm people or animals in the region. Their vehicles will also be searched for security threats, among other things.