Ssese Islands is a combination of 84 Islands located in the Northeastern corn of Lake Victoria the second largest fresh water lake in the world shared by Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. These islands vary in size with Bugala being the largest island having half of the archipelago’s land area. It is also the 10th largest island found in a lake worldwide. it’s the most developed, popular and visited island. Bugala island is a home of Kalangala town the headquarters and capital city Ssese islands.

Ssese Island consists of two groups the southwest known as Bugala group and northeastern group known as koome group. These two islands are separated by the Koome channel. Inside Bugala Island you can find other small islands like Bubeke, Bebembe, Funve, Buyova, Bufumira, Bugaba, Serinya and Bugaba. Koome group also has other islands like luwaji, damba and Koome.

There also other major islands under Ssese for example;

  • Ngamba island which is about 100 acres. The Island was gazette in 1998 to Shelter Chimpanzees that were rescued from illegal pet and Bush meat trade. It’s a home of 49 Chimpanzees rescued from across East Africa.
  • There is also banda island, a private owned island which was gazette in 1999. It is a quite place for tourists to chill and relax.
  • Bulago island covers over 510 acres, Bulago is a Luganda word meaning neck it was the first island in Lake Victoria to be developed exclusively for leisure use. The Island has some of the excellent beaches owned by local and expatriate residents and professionals.

The history of Ssese Isands is not cleat because the Baganda claim that their founder Kintu came from Ssese Islands, the Baganda believe the Ssese islands is a place of gods and In pre-colonial times it was customary for the Kings of Buganda to visit the islands and pay tribute to the several balubaale whose main shrines are situated there.

But According to scientists, the Ssese islands where formed about 12,000 years ago when tectonic movements caused an elevation of two arms of the East African rift valley leading to the formation of Lake Victoria and its islands.

Activities in Ssese islands

  • Bird watching.

The Island is a home of various bird species that can be spotted easily by tourist. It harbors birds like Crested Crane, shoebill Stork, Shelley’s Crimsonwing, Great Blue Turaco, marabou Stork, African Green Broadbill, Doherty’s Bushshrike and much more.

  • Wild life viewing.

There are difference wild animals on the island but the most spotted are the hippos on Bugala island in a swamp near Mulabala. There also Vevert monkeys, sitatunga antelopes and some snakes.

  • Quad biking.

This is also another exciting activity in Ssese Islands, the quad bikes make you have a lot of fun and tour the whole Island while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Kalangala district, view different forests, beaches and the islands.

  • Nature walk.

While in Ssese islands you cannot miss to walk through the Lutoboka and Buganzi forest reserve found on the legendary Ssese Isands with a chance of sighting various bird species, primate and butterflies. Visitors should also not miss stretches from the landing site up to the Fort where the explore Henry Stanley pitched camp on his way to the famed mountains of the moon.

  • Canoeing

This activity involves paddling a canoe with single-bladed paddle. The boat canoe ride will give you an opportunity to explore Ssese islands like Bukasa, Bugala, Buvuma, and Banda which are popularly known as interesting excursions.

  • Chimpanzee viewing

Chimpanzee viewing is done in Ngamba Island a home of Orphaned Chimpanzees rescued from across East Africa. The Island was gazette in 1998 to Shelter Chimpanzees that were rescued from illegal pet and Bush meat trade. In this case you participate in the feeding of these great apes. See how they climb trees, scream, fight and play.

Ssese Isands

  • Spot fishing

While at the island, one is offered a fishing motorized boat, the guide and the fishing gear which makes the fishing experience fun and interesting. The fish caught can also work as your dinner.

  • Beach life

The islands are comprised of white sand beaches which enables one to relax at the beach, do sand bathing, basketball, beach volley ball, football, build sand castle, board games, barbecue parties, swimming and many more.