Musanze district offers several attractive and wonderful tourist attractions that you can’t fail to see and explore during your safari in Musanze. Musanze district is even where the volcanoes national park the park with the gorillas in Rwanda is found, other than this, the park features  other interesting activities  and you can as well engage in various activities even if you don’t enter into the national parks  and thus you can as well discover a lot of the activities even if you don’t enter musanze district and there is a lot of boundary line in the Musanze  district and this is very wonderful and so interesting which is good and interesting. You will enjoy a lot of activities in the district.

Some of the activities that you will engage in include the Cyuza Island, which is so spectacular. It was unusual when the visitors slept soundly and awoke to the sound of birdsong. The Daybreak Chorale is the name of this early morning spectacle. It is, without a doubt, the best morning timer of all time. Lake Burera is home to Cyuza Island, which is located on Lake Burera. Its camping area is managed by La Paillotte, a social enterprise created to meet the needs of sightseers looking for a blend of wilderness and comfort. The view of the lake from the camp, which included moving hills and the Virunga Massif, was breathtaking.

Another interesting area here is Lake Burera, which is also the icon of the Musanze District and so very interesting to see and attracts several tourists. Because of this wonderful attraction, several activities have been crafted around this wonderful park. As a result, a group of travelers’ workouts that had been spotted near prominent lakes was missing. Another hidden gem is Lake Ruhondo, which is located about a kilometer away. The term “Twin Lakes” is frequently used to refer to the two adjacent bodies of water. Burera’s elevation is 150 meters higher than her twin sister’s.

There is also the Hudro electricity plant that is erected on the base of the hill and at the distinctive points of the two cups, and this is very interesting. There is a pipeline in place to increase the pace of the falling water, which rotates the turbines that generate electricity. There are also facts and descends that one can learn regarding the logical route of converting motor energy into electricity while touring the two lakes. When most visitors explore the well-known Dian Fossey’s burial chamber or grave, they are taken aback and feel like a priest in a faraway trip site. This is where Dian Fossey, the legendary primatologist, was buried. She spent the previous eighteen years of her daily routine working with the critically endangered mountain gorillas, securing and focusing on them.

For the visitors who enjoy the hiking adventure safaris, they will enjoy the hike to the Diane Fossey Trail, and they will learn more about the legacy. The visit provided insight into her origins and the Karisoke Research Center’s progress. It was a really informative review visit that was also a very exhilarating event. The encounter with the brilliant monkeys was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The clever monkeys are overshadowed by their famous neighbors and do not receive the recognition they deserve. They, like gorillas, are listed on the Red List of endangered species compiled by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

In Musanze district, visitors can also explore and visit the guardian village. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Rwanda’s rich historical and social history. Students will have the opportunity to speak with former poachers who are now protecting the gorillas. Their shift is motivated by the realization that the travel sector can help nature do its job.

Visitors can also visit Musanze Caves while they’re in the area. The visitors will be conducted via three separate portions of an underground dark channel. A lot of work has gone into clearing the underground walkway and giving the caves a much-needed makeover. To navigate ascending and descending the unbalanced floor, something resembling a cobblestone trail is built, and steps are formed.

Come and enjoy this wonderful district of Rwanda that is full of the most interesting attractions in the whole district.