Lake Muhazi is one of the wonderful destinations in Rwanda found in the east of Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda. It is known for its wonderful views, including as it moves close to the eastern shores of the lake with the flooded valley. When we talk about Lake Kagera, we mean Akagera National Park with the best wildlife safaris, which leads to the Nyagatare district, which is full of farmers and is sometimes referred to as the sensitization zone.

The genuine morning cries that make you want to start letting recreation take back your body are the morning dawn along the slopes, mingled in with the viral wind as we arrive.

Gahini, with its overcrowded town and rigid history, is just across the lake’s east end. A visit on a Sunday during administration at the Gahini Anglican Cathedral would enthrall you, and it has recently established itself as a territorial heritage site. This trip wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the water, and Funride Adventures can help you increase your fishing and bird watching efforts on the lake.

Funride Adventures also helps in sightings of African fish hawks, Malachite kingfishers, Swamp flycatchers, Pied kingfishers, and other birds. We are assisted in spotting an African fish hawk only a few moments into our tour. Lake Muhazi is also home to a variety of fish species, including tilapia and marbled lungfish.

The beauty of Rwanda with Lake Muhazi

However, because the lake is only 40 kilometers long and more east to west, we chose to investigate the various branch offs of the lake with Funride Adventure’s 4WD (four-wheel drive) to find a truly green rural view that makes you smile and recognize why you really want to explore Rwanda, the safari destination, with the terraced slopes of the slopes, which is not at the age of the slopes, and this is so much more interesting.

There are different towns near Lake Muhazi where you can go and do some shopping, and most of these towns include Gahini and Rwesero, which are found in the east and west respectively. Furthermore, both include a few guesthouses and a newly built golf club where a variety of sea-going and sporting activities can be organized. Any trip to Lake Muhazi includes fishing, birdwatching, and sailing adventures, as well as a couple of slots at The Falcon Golf Club and Nation.

There is also good food that you can have while exploring Muhazi, since it is hard to get geo to the area and you fail to have the food at the destination.

Obviously, you can’t have a good trip without good cuisine, and with the sudden surge in interest, a slew of new establishments have sprung up, offering a diverse menu of local and international dishes.

Places like Falcon Golf and Country Club, Jambo Beach, Kingfisher Ocean Side Restaurant, and others provide a wide range of vegan barbecues, making your vacation more enjoyable. A lovely nightfall brings a fresher air, tempting you to book a spot for another sunrise, but the time has come to return. Until the next experience,

Lake Muhazi is one of the wonderful destinations where you can go and enjoy your vacation in Rwanda, which is so much fun and exciting.