Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda are the only three countries in the whole world where you can go and enjoy the endangered mountain gorillas. The roads linking the national parks where the gorillas are found are well-kept and very accessible. In other words, they are in better condition.

However, some of these roads are full of humps and other bumpy things that might make you tired, especially when coming from a very long distance. We provide the transport through the use of the transport, usually the comfortable supper customs or the land cruiser safaris.

Remember that as you get closer to the parks, the roads are not well tarmacked and some are dusty. Therefore, you need to prepare for these roads. And when trekking with the gorillas during the rainy season, you will need to come prepared with the necessary gear and extra clothes that are water-proof. Even if it is not during the rainy season, you still need to prepare for the rain because at any time it could rain.

Visitors from Kampala can access Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park, where gorilla trekking is found, by driving on the road through the major high as you pass through several towns and cities, including Masaka City, Mbarara City, and other small towns where you find the local community doing their community projects, especially the roadside vendors and the roadside markets.

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is about an 8-hour journey from Kampala or Entebbe. This drive will provide you with a broad glimpse of African life in the areas and places you pass through. As you go through the magnificent green pearl of Africa and cross the Equator (where, if time allows, you can stopover and take photos).

For instance, visitors who cannot afford the road trip from Kampala to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park can opt to use air transport. There are chartered and scheduled flights available from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield to Kisoro or Kihihi airfields.

These offer domestic flights to visitors who are interested in gorilla tracking but wouldn’t like to travel by road. They opt to use the flights and, from here, you will be able to get to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park in just one hour and 30 minutes.

By the way, it is also important to note that you can make it to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park by flying to Kigali International Airport in case you don’t want to move a long distance from Entebbe International Airport, Therefore, If you value your time and dislike long road trips, a flight to Rwanda and a short road trip are the best options to consider.

The trip from Kigali city (Rwanda’s capital) to Ruhengeri (Virunga) Volcanoes National Park, home to Rwanda’s mountain gorillas, takes two hours on well-maintained roads. It is entirely possible to travel to Kigali and then drive across the border to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, which is extremely interesting.

Therefore, this is how you can travel to see the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. You can contact us and book with us the best safari package to see the gorillas in Uganda, as well as in Rwanda and even in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Come and enjoy the safari experience.