Since gorilla tracking is the major tourist activity in Rwanda, visitors should know how much it will cost for them to see these gorillas in Rwanda. The cost of gorilla trekking in Rwanda is determined by the several companies that offer the safari packages that you will have to choose from to go and enjoy the best safari experience in Rwanda.

Rwanda is also one of the countries with very many enraged mountain gorillas, and these gorillas can only be found in one park, which is known as the Volcanoes national park.

As we estimate for you the cost of seeing the gorillas in Rwanda, some of the recognized forums like the Trip Advisers, the Lonely Planet, and the Safari Bookings can be easily seen posting the block price of tracking the mountain gorillas in Rwanda, but here we come up with the best estimation and which compensation will guide us to estimate the cost of tracking the endangered mountain gorillas in Rwanda. These are some of the factors that you should consider when trying to engage in gorilla trekking and where all the prices do rotate.

You should be aware of the cost and price of Gorilla permits.

In all the gorilla trekking countries, Rwanda has the highest-priced gorilla permits. When you see the price of gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, even when added, they cannot make the cost of a single gorilla trekking permit in Rwanda. To track the gorillas in Rwanda, you will need to pay $1500 per track, and this is higher as compared to the Ugandans’ $700.

Therefore, while planning for your dissertation, you should be able to know that seeing the gorillas in Rwanda will cost you this amount of money. Visitors can obtain a gorilla permit for Rwanda from the Rwanda Development Board or from reputable tour operators who can assist you in booking the Rwanda Gorilla Permit.

The cost of the transport is part of the experience of seeing the gorillas in Rwanda.

Once you have secured the gorilla trekking permit, you will need to move from Kigali to the place where the endangered mountain tracking takes place, which is in Volcanoes National Park. Visitors can decide to pay for the cab that they will use to get to the park headquarters for a briefing before the activity starts, or else they can take public transportation, but we highly recommend that you take the cab, as it is very convenient for you to engage in the activity. A cab ride will cost around $50.

You can have the prearranged plan, and the company will arrange for you all the requirements, including the transport and the gorilla trekking permits, at once, so you will need to contact your safari company extensively.

The cost of tracking mountain gorillas in Rwanda

The price of the accommodation facility or the lodge

Volcanoes national park in Rwanda has got a lot of lodges that range from the midrange, budget, and luxury, and you will choose the lodge depending on your safari budget. Some of the visitors also decide to stay in Kigali and go and trek the gorillas in Volcanoes National Park. However, this is only possible if you have arrived early at the Kigali international airport and then get the transfer to the park headquarters.

Visitors can get an idea of where they can stay when they are tracking the gorillas, and you can get one ranging from $100 to $200 depending on your choice.

The cost of the porters and the tipping while tracking gorillas in Rwanda

Gorilla tracking activity is a great form of exercise, especially for the elderly and other visitors who might be having problems with their language. Thus, as one way of helping the community members, we encourage you to hire professionals who will help you successfully trek the endangered mountain gorillas.

Each porter in Rwanda is available for around $10, and it is good because it helps the local people around the park to improve their standards of living.

Therefore, by getting all the above information, you can now estimate how much you can pay for the gorillas in Rwanda. Here we organize for you the whole gorilla trekking safari package to Rwanda, including transport, the gorilla permit, and accommodation at either a lodge or homestay.