The Eastern Black rhinos were introduced to Rwanda in 1908. Akagera National Park is the only savannah national park in Rwanda that favors the wildlife game drives within the country. Akagera national park is the park in Rwanda with most of the wild species and most of the visitors run to Rwanda, especially in the Akagera national park, in order to participate in the hame gives safaris as well as the boat cruise safaris, and it has been rated by the media as the best safari destination in Rwanda.

Recently, Rwanda has introduced the eastern black rhino into the Akagera national park, and this has been welcomed with both hands by the conservationists, and this is very interesting among other attractions. Akagera national park is found in the east of Rwanda and it is near the border with Tanzania. The other great national parks in Rwanda include the volcanoes national park, Nyungwe forest national park, and Gishwati-Mukura national park, which have contributed much to the tourism development in Rwanda.

With time, there has been an increase in the tourist products and the attractions that have been added to the tourist industry, and now in the Kagera Anataional Park, there has been an addition to the wildlife, as there are 5 eastern black rhinos, which are important to ensure that the tourism industry is very much alive and well as increasing the tourist arrivals in the Kagera National Park.

Most of the guests visit the Akagera National Park because of these important wildlife species, and this is very interesting. Now you can also visit the Akagera National Park and see the eastern black rhinos from one continent to another. They have been brought from Europe and now to the Akagera National Park.

The Eastern Black Rhino Was Introduced In Rwanda.

This development happened in 2019 when the wonderful and largest translocation of the endangered species of the 5 western black rhinos happened. The rhinos were born and raised at a zoo in the Czech Republic before being transported to Africa and successfully arriving at their new home in Akagera National Park.

They traveled 6,000 kilometers from Europe to Rwanda. The 5 eastern black rhinos which were introduced into the Akagera National Park in Akagera belong to the endangered subspecies and those which were translocated include the 3 females and the 2 males. The rhinos were further named Madela, Olmoti, Manny, Jasiri, and Jasmina.

Visitors who visit the park can relate to the rhinos and their behaviors, and now the animals do belong to the Akagera National Park, which was translocated from the country of South Africa in the year 2017. In the whole world, there are only 5,000 black rhinos and 1,000 eastern black rhinos remaining on the African continent.

It was previously difficult to spot these endangered species during a game drive in Akagera National Park, but as their numbers grow, it will be easier to spot them, ensuring the survival of wildlife species in the recreation area, which is so interesting and wonderful, making it the best and most wonderful safari experience.

The translocation of the five eastern black rhinos to the land of the thousand hills has happened right after the one which saw the other bunch of the black rhinos that were transferred from South Africa with the lions, and this is very interesting.

The translocation was successful and the increased lions have increased number of lions, which has increased. Now the Akagera National Park has got all the big-five animals, which will increase the number of tourists. Africa’s big five mammals are rhinos, leopards, elephants, lions, and buffaloes.

Therefore, the translocation of the black rhinos to Rwanda was seen as great news for conservationists since these rhinos are returning to their natural habitat, where they can grow and multiply, allowing their species to survive for long.