There are always travel tips that visitors should be aware of before visiting any country, and this is the park within the country where you can enjoy the best safari activities. In this article today, we look at the tips that you should know before traveling to Rwanda for your safari destination.

It is known for its 1,000 hills and sits just 75 miles south of the equator in the tropical country of Cameroon. It is also 880 miles west of the Indian Ocean and 1250 miles east of the Atlantic Ocean. Rwanda is a country in eastern Africa that provides the best opportunities for visitors to enjoy the thrilling gorilla experience. Today, I will give the best tips that you should know while traveling to Rwanda, and these, among others, include

Rwanda’s official language

Its French, but most of the people speak Kinyarwanda, and some also speak English, as well as Kinyarwanda and Kishwali. All of these languages are recognized as the official languages. English is the language that is widely spoken within the country.

Another thing that you should know while traveling to Rwanda is the attractions of Rwanda.

Rwanda features the world’s four largest national parks, and these contain the major attractions of Rwanda. These parks include the Akagera National park for game viewing, the Nyungwe Forest National Park for canopy walks and chimpanzee trekking, and the Volcanoes National Park for gorilla tracking and golden monkey trekking.

There are other attractions in the country that include different historical sites and the genocide memorial sites, the Hot springs and caves in Rwanda, rivers, and lakes, and all of these are designated tourist attractions that link you to various tourist facilities, which is very interesting.

Tips that you should know while traveling to Rwanda

Other tips that you should know while traveling to Rwanda include the tourist attractions and the related tourist activities within the park. As a result of the tourist attractions, the visitors who wish to travel to Rwanda will engage in various activities, including gorilla trekking, canopy walks, volcano hiking, cultural and historical tours, safaris, bird watching attractions, the golden monkey trail, and the chimpanzee trail, before engaging in the site-seeing activities.

Getting to Rwanda

The fact that several international airlines connect you to Kigali International Airport from any departure point means that getting to Rwanda from your home country should not be a problem. KLM, Rwandair, Turkish Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airlines, and others are among them.

Health-travel-related tips in Rwanda

A yellow fever vaccination certificate is required, as stated on many internet sites providing Rwanda travel information, and this is really true! Much of Rwanda is located at a high elevation and is classified as a sub-Saharan country. Malaria is a major concern, but the disease is not widespread. Still, preventative medication is strongly suggested before traveling to Africa.

It is recommended that you go to the hospital if you are feeling weak and have an abnormal fever, that you close the windows and doors of your house or hotel room at 5 p.m., that you sleep under a mosquito net, that you clear the bushes and remove stagnant water around your house or shelter to prevent mosquitoes that cause malaria, and that you do not drink tap water but instead drink bottled mineral water. You will now be required to be vaccinated with COVID-19 and have it tested fully.

As a packing list for your Rwanda safari, as a travel tip for every visitor.

Although it is recommended that you bring everything you need, there are several essential items to bring with you, such as a pair of binoculars for game drives, bird viewing, and other forest hikes. A decent field guide, for example, that shows the checklist of East African birds; “Birds of East Africa,” a field guide book by Terry Stevenson and John Fanshawe that describes the bird species found in East African countries as well as Rwanda. Bring your camera to capture the breathtaking scenery of Rwanda, as well as wildlife and other events that occur during your stay in the nation. In the cities, you may buy toiletries and other necessities.

As for the best time to visit Rwanda

As the country can be visited at any time of the year by all visitors who meet the required qualifications, Rwanda may be visited at any time of year. During the dry months, gorilla trekking and other forest walks are less strenuous. The ideal time to see birds in Europe is during the winter, when Palearctic migrants complement the local species.

Rwandan goat kebabs, boiled bananas (Igitoki), Irish potatoes (ibirayi), and sweet potatoes are among Rwandans’ favorite dishes (ibijumba). Alcoholic drinks such as Urwagwa (local banana beer), Ikigage (sorghum beer), and local industrial breweries such as Primus, Mutzig, and Skol are among the most popular beverages. Nonalcoholic beverages such as Umutobe (local banana juice) and Pepsi are also available.

The travel tips related to Rwanda’s currency

The dan franc, are the currency units (Rwf). In November 2017, one US dollar was worth 854 Rwandan francs. It is very reliable and possible to use the cards (Mastercard or ATM cards) throughout the country, as many banks introduced the use of ATM machines in response to the country’s high technological progress.

There are many ATMs throughout Kigali, in every bank branch, and this is the cheapest way of getting francs because ATMs use a much better exchange rate than currency exchanges. These banks have several branches around the country, including in remote locations, making money withdrawals more convenient at night.