Top Activities Of Volcanoes National Park: Volcanoes national park lies in northwestern Rwanda and boarders Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Mgahinga National Park in Uganda.  Its about two hours from Kigali Rwanda’s capital city.

The park is considered as the most exciting park in Africa with rich bamboo forest, open grassland and heath. It’s a home of the rare endangered mountain gorillas and golden monkeys. There are also Buffaloes, elephants, bushbuck, spotted hyens, and black-fronted duiker among others

Its part of the virunga volcanoes in the park including karisimbi (40507 m), Bisoke (3711 m), Sabyinyo (3.674 m), Gahinga (30474 m) and Muhabura (40127 m). All the volcanoes are extinct but the active ones are located in Congo.

Top activities to do in Volcanoes National Park

Mountain Gorilla tracking

The park is famously known as a home of mountain Gorillas and thousands of people come to this place to track these gentle giants. There are 10 habituated gorilla families available for trekking. To track these gorillas one must purchase a ticket from Rwanda Development Board.

Golden Monkey trekking

Golden monkeys are only found in Volcanoes national Park in Rwanda. These are exceptional creatures which every traveler should not miss out on his or her Rwanda safari. While trekking you can come across Buffaloes, elephants, bushbuck, spotted hyens, black-fronted duiker among others.

Top Activities Of Volcanoes National Park

Volcano climbing

Besides wildlife, Volcanoes national park is a home for three extinct volcanoes. Travelers to this park can hike to the top of any Volcano with spectacular views of Rwanda’s rolling hills, kigali city, Virunga volcanoes and local communities. MT Karisimbi is the highest and the most hiked Volcano and the experience is worthy the hike.

Caving in the Volcanoes National Park

Experienced guides will lead you to Musaze caves while telling you the mysteries of these caves, history and all other facts. It’s worthy experiencing.

Bird watching in the Volcanoes National Park

There are a lot of bird species in the Virunga National Park that you can participate in birdwatching as you explore the park. Some of the board species that can be seen here include Archers’ ground robin, red-faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori double-collared sunbird, Collared Apalis, Ruwenzori turaco, handsome francolin, and strange weavers like Archers’ ground robin, red-faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori double-collared sunbird, Collared Apalis, Ruwenzori turaco, handsome francolin, and a strange weaver like Archers’ ground robin.

Hiking to the Diane Fossey Tomb

Another thing to do in Virunga National Park. Before her death, Dian Fossey was a key figure in the conservation of gorillas.

Cultural tours in Volcanoes National Park

Explore the Ibyiwacu people will entertain you with activities such as beer brewing, cultural dances, millet grinding, cultural skits, plays, herbal medication making, and more, as you explore more of the Rwandan culture. This is very interesting.

Thus, as you come to Rwanda and you are interested in exploring the Virunga Mountains, these are some of the activities that you will be engaged in, which good are for adventure.

Best time to visit in Volcanoes National Park

The best time to visit Volcanoes National Park is during the dry season of June through September. In these months, the park is dry and less slippery giving visitors the best tracking experience.

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