Yes, the Ssese islands are beautiful places to visit and relax. The Ssese Island can be traced to the age of Lake Victoria in the north-western part of Uganda. The sea has flourished beyond the 84 islands, which offer clear waters, tropical rain forests, and white sand beaches that provide visitors with relaxing memories.

The Ssese is home to several wildlife species that include several primates, the colobus and the velvet monkeys the sitatunga antelopes, and the rare bird species. There are different unique species to offer, and the topography and the several activities in the area are very diverse, so the visitors who are out of town want to feel and get relaxed with the heavy game drives in Uganda, which are good and interesting.

Of the islands in the Ssese, the largest and most developed is the largest and most developed island for safari activities. You will engage in various activities, including the swimming pool, especially at the wonderful Mutambala beach.

Visitors who are interested in the SSese Island can also opt for the squad bikes, which can aid you in exploring the wonderful island. Other than that, there is also a privately owned island called Banda Island that is so serene and marvelous for you to relax on and read through.

In case you are interested in wild animals, you will explore the Ngamba Island, which is also known as the sanctuary for the chimpanzees. This is one of its kind in Uganda and it was set up by the Jane Goodall Foundation.

The across-walk to the Bulago Island is clearly so much fun and this provides the visitors with the diverse terrain of the wondrous rocky outcrops. This offers the visitors with so many great and rare opportunities to see several wild animals and rare species of birds. All of these can be seen here on the island.

While in Ssese, Island, there are several activities that you can get involved in, and one of the major activities here is swimming in the Nile waters. The refreshingly chilly water is great for a hot summer evening swim. The most well-known swimming spot is Mutumbala Beach on Buggala Island, but your convenience will almost certainly have designated swimming areas as well. The place is free of hippos, and crocodiles are quite rare. Many people know that Bilharzia, while extremely uncommon nowadays, is thought to be present in the lake, so many people opt to swim in the hotel pools instead.

Sport fishing is also another adventure activity that is done on the Ssese Ialnd. Sport fishing in Uganda is becoming increasingly popular, and the Ssese Islands are a fantastic place to catch tilapia, Lake Victoria’s largest fish, and the Nile Perch. A UWA fishing grant isn’t required for fishing in Lake Victoria as it is in other several destinations, but you should go with a Ministry of Fisheries-approved boat administrator and we shall make sure that we do for you all the necessary arrangements to do fishing in Ssese Island.

See the chimpanzees on Nagamba Island. The Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary, which is home to more than 50 rescued and stranded chimps, is now a primate paradise and a major conservation initiative thanks to the Jane Goodall Foundation. A substantial number of the chimps were shielded from poachers and will most likely not be released back into the wild. They currently spend their energy hanging from the rainforest trees that blanket the island, safe in the safe-haven. Visitors can spend quality time playing with and caring for the chimps at the asylum, an experience that you won’t find anywhere else in Uganda.

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