When is the best time to visit Uganda as a safari destination? The dry season, which occurs in July, June, August, and December up to February, is unquestionably the best time to visit Uganda on safari. The safari experiences in Uganda are so much more enjoyable during this time, and the number of visitors to the national park in Uganda increases during these months. Uganda is one of the best destinations in Africa with several areas of interest, including the endemic mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, and wildlife, as well as hiking and water adventure safaris.

The presence of these activities in Uganda has enabled most of the visitors to ask several questions regarding the country, as the safari destination suggests when to go and enjoy these abundantly available attractions in Uganda. In Uganda, the primate safari experience is the highlight of every safari activity in the country, and most visitors do combine the primate safari with the wildfire experience, which is so interesting.

Uganda’s climate is tropical, with the post of the rain forest where the primate tracking is done or carried out tending to be wet, meaning that it can even rain when you are in the forest doing gorilla or chimpanzee tracking, and thus you should be very well prepared. However, in Africa, the weather is very good and it might rain today in the morning, but in the evening or afternoon, it will be sunny and warm, allowing you to continue doing some of your safari activities. This is why the Ugandan climate is so suitable for safari adventures.

For this reason, the best time to go on a Ugandan safari is from June to September. This is because this is the time when the park receives heavy visitors when very many people come to see the gorillas, the chimpanzee park, and generally the wildlife parks in Uganda, and this means that the visitors must have booked their gorilla permits or chimpanzee permits in advance to be able to enjoy the gorilla trekking, especially during this time. In other words, this is the peak season for the Ugandan tourism industry, with June through August being the longest dry season and December through February being the shortest. As a result, you must plan your trip around these two seasons if you want to visit Uganda, which is very interesting and wonderful.

When is the best time to visit Uganda as a safari destination?

This is also what we call the low season in the Ugandan tourism industry. This is the time between March and May, which the longest is rainy season, and then October to November, which is the shortest rainfall pattern, meaning that here the rainfall is not too much. As a result, we can conclude that July is the best month for a safari because the condos are very dry, favoring safari activities in Uganda, which are very exciting and worthwhile, and from March to April is the rainy season.

Therefore, the months of September to December and December to February turn out to be the best months for you to enjoy or visit the Uganda National Park. It’s a fantastic time to go gorilla tracking because these are the driest months of the year. There is less rain and more sunshine because the skies are clear. Because the foliage is scarce in Savannah reserves, wildlife is easier to observe, and animals tend to congregate around water sources to stay hydrated. Even though it is peak season, the parks are rarely crowded. To prevent missing out on gorilla trekking permits, make your reservations as soon as possible.

Because these are the driest months of the year, it’s an ideal time to go gorilla tracking. Because the sky is clear, there is less rain and more sunshine. Because Savannah reserves have little foliage, wildlife is easier to spot, and animals concentrate around water sources to stay hydrated. The parks are rarely crowded, even though it is peak season. Make your arrangements as soon as possible to avoid missing out on gorilla trekking permits. Please prepare and explore the safari destinations in Uganda during the dry season for a better safari experience.