When to go to Kidepo Valley National Park for a safari? The park is one of the best safari national parks in Uganda that you should visit when on a vacation. Kidepo Valley National Park is based in the remote region of eastern Uganda and it is not exploited by very many tourists, yet it is the most diverse national park with a large number of animal species that can be seen within the park.

The majority of visitors who wish to visit Kidepo Valley National Park always wonder when the best time to visit is. A Kidepo Valley national park safari involves the visitors doing all of the tourist activities within the park, especially the wildlife game drives, nature walks, and cultural encounters, among other safari activities.

However, to get the best out of these safari activities, you will need to know the next time you can go and enjoy them in the park. Visitors or tourists can best go to Kideop Valley National Park from September to March or from June to December when the conditions are dry, allowing them to see most of the wildlife safari animals within the park. This time, the animals are clearly visible during this type of time, which is very interesting.

It is not advisable to go to Kidepo Valley National Park for a safari from April to May because this is the period of heavy rainfall in the Kidepo Valley national park and this affects the visitors’ ability to enjoy the various wildlife animals. It is also the time when the number of tourists that arrive in Uganda is very low, meaning that it is the low season for the tourism industry in Uganda.

When to go to Kidepo Valley National Park for a safari?

Thus, the best time for you to go to Kidepo Valley National Park is from September to October when the conditions are favorable. This is also referred to as the peak season for the safari animals and visitors to enjoy the various activities within the Kidepo Valley National Park.

The dry season in the north-eastern part of Uganda, where the recreation area is located, lasts from September to March. During the long stretches of September to March, the park is extremely hot and dry, making it ideal for viewing natural life. Nevertheless, from December to February, are some of the driest and dustiest months of the year, making game drives all the more enjoyable.

During this season, all of the water sources evaporate, so critters will drink water from a single source to stay hydrated. The wetlands in the southern Narus valley provide permanent water sources throughout the warmer months. It’s very cloudy, making it difficult to obtain clear views, but it’s a fantastic time to visit with little risk of malaria due to the lack of mosquitoes.

On the other hand, the wet season within the Kidepo Valley National Park The wet season, which lasts from April to August and is located on the outskirts of Uganda, is light and does not interfere with wildlife viewing. During the dry season, visitors have a greater possibility of witnessing the best wildlife and animals. Natural life viewing provides an opportunity to explore the natural world, particularly in the Narus valley, where they congregate for drinking water. During this season, one has the highest chance of recognizing various birds, particularly those that are on the move.

The season is opulent, with a breathtaking outlook. Kidepo Valley National Park is a true African wilderness, with a semi-arid landscape and a hard-edged quality that should not be seen anywhere else. Therefore, the dry season is the best time for you to go to Kidepo Valley National Park and enjoy the wildlife safari activities within the park.